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Hi guys! as usual I share some of the activities I prepare for my kids @ school!

Hope they are useful! 

Kevin Michael Connolly

Kevin Connolly is 26 years old. He likes everything most other 26-year-olds like, and he has loved skiing since he was a child. He has skied (and won medals) in skiing competitions since 1999, and he has traveled all over the world taking photographs. He's also written a memoir about his life — and it has been very successful. But there's one more incredible thing about Kevin: he doesn't have legs. Kevin hasn't had a terrible accident or been in a disaster. He was born without legs. Kevin's parents helped him to overcome the condition by raising him like any other child. He learned to "walk" using his hands, and he went to school with the other children from his neighborhood. Kevin grew up in Montana, in the Rocky Mountains. Most Montana kids learn to ski, and Kevin did, too. He used special equipment, and he became a very good skier. He also hiked and camped in the mountains a lot. And he has been a skateboarder for many years, too. After he finished high school, he studied film and photography at Montana State University. Since he graduated, Kevin has returned to his university to give a speech to welcome new students. And in 2010, the university rules required all freshmen to read his memoir. What next? Kevin has just finished setting up an exhibition of his photographs, and people think they are amazing. People feel inspired when they see the world through Kevin's eyes, and it makes a big difference in how they think about other people. Kevin now hopes to make a living as a professional photographer.

1) Look at the photo. What can you say about Kevin Michael Connolly?

2) Read the article. Were your guesses correct?

3)Look at the Reading skills box.

Reading skills
Meaning from context.
To understand new words, look at:
- the complete sentence
- the sentences before and after
- the type of word (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)

4) Underline these words in the text. Guess the meaning from context, and then circle the best choice.

1 competitionsschools     races
2 memoir book movie
3 incredibleunbelievable terrible
4 requiredasked told
5 freshmennew teachersnew students
6 exhibition showstore

5) Read again. Circle the correct answers.

1 In many ways, Kevin ... other 26-year-olds. 

a is like
b likes
c has written about
d is different from 

2 Kevin has been in ski races since ...

a last year
b he lost his legs
c he was young 
d he was in college 

3 Kevin's parents helped him by sending him to 

a a special doctor
b the local school
c a private school
d "walking" classes 

4 Kevin learned to use his body well by ... .

a watching videos
b watching other children
c reading books
d doing outdoor activities 

5 Kevin ... college. 

a didn't go to
b is now attending
c plans to go to 
d has already graduated from 

6 Kevin travels and ... about his experiences.

a writes stories
b gives speeches
c makes donations 
d makes announcements 


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