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Hi Everybody! Let me share with you some exercises i´ve put together...

Full Forms of the verb to be

Iama student.
Heisa teacher.
Sheisa journalist.
Itisa book.

Contracted forms of the verb to be

I´ma student.
He´sa teacher.
She´sa journalist.
It´sa book.

Complete : am / is/ are

1. My father _____________ a taxi driver.

2.  It  _____________ a cute cat.

3. She  _____________ your music teacher.

4. This  _____________ my new car.

5. That  _____________ my book

6. It  _____________ winter.

7. It  _____________ cool in spring.

8. We  _____________  good friends.

9. They _____________ at school today.

10. My grandparents  _____________  old.

11.You  _____________  a good student.

12. I  _____________ hungry.

13. Mr. Beek  _____________ our English teacher.

14. David  _____________ our family doctor.

15. The kids  _____________ in U.S.A now.

16.  I and Ben   _____________ sick.

17.  The apples  _____________  are red.

18.  My schoolbag  _____________  green.

Choose the correct answer: am / is/ are

1.   Rita _______  my friend.

   a. am      b. is          c. are

2.   The chair _______ brown.       b. is        c. are

3.   It ________   late.

   a. am        b. is      c. are


4.   Monkeys ______ funny.

   a. am       b. is        c. are

5.   Dana and I______ teachers.

   a. am        b. is        c.are


6. The sky ______ full of stars.

   a. am        b. is       c. are

7.   Sara and I  ______ happy.

   a. am        b. is        c. are


8.   The summer ______ hot.

   a. am       b. is       c. are

9   Tami and Rina _______ pupils.

   a. am        b. is        c. are


10. My jacket______ blue and pink.

   a. am        b. is       c. are

11.   They  _______  not at home now.

   a. am        b. is       c. are


12. The weather ______ rainy today.

   a. am        b. is       c. are

Complete the story with  am / is/ are

Today ________ Thursday.

 It  ________  9 o'clock in the morning.

The pupils ________ at school.

Their classroom  ________  big and nice.

There  ________  three desks and six chairs.

There  ________   a purple door .

The window  ________  closed.

There  ________   four girls and three boys in the classroom.

They  ________  sitting on the chairs.

Only one boy   ________   on the floor. 

His name  ________  Roberto. 

Roberto  ________  working with a map.

His bag  ________  on the green map.

The teacher  ________  standing next to the desk.

 He  ________  talking now.

The children  ________   not listening to him.

They  ________  drawing.

Answer the questions

1.Where is the teacher?

                      a. outside              

                      b. on the chair 

                      c. next  to the desk

2.What day is it today?

                            a. Tuesday

                            b. Monday

                            c. Thursday

3.How many pupils are there in the classroom?

                            a. six

                            b. seven

                            c. nine

4.Why are the children not listening to their teacher?

                            a. they are playing

                            b. they are reading

                            c. they are drawing.

5.What is not open?

                            a. the books

                            b. the schoolbag

                            c. the window

6.Where are the pupils sitting?

                             a. on the floor

                             b. at home

                             c. on the chairs

7.What time is it now?

                             a.eight o'clock

                             b.nine o'clock

                             c.ten o'clock

8.Who is on the floor?

                             a. the teacher

                             b one pupil

                             c. one girl

Put the words in the correct order to make positive sentences with the verb to be.

1  am old. twenty-five I years

2  We Venezuela. are from

3  and My name Anton I'm is student. a

4  book. is This my

5  It's today. day nice a

6  name Her brother's is Paul.

7  engineer. John an is

8  name is husband's Johansson. My

9  in are There twelve my class. students

10  top the the new address letter. is My at of

Chose the correct form of the verb to be - am / is /are

It __________ cold today.

I __________ at home now.

They __________ Korean.

There __________ a pen on the desk.

My name __________ Nikita.

We __________  from Ukraine.

That __________ right.

I __________ OK, thanks.

Clara and Steve __________ married.

She __________ an English teacher.

Hope you find them them useful! :)

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