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Book: English Zone 2 Oxford



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1stStarter• Verb “to be”
• Have got
• Can

• Questions words
• Prepositions of time and place
• Numbers
• Classroom objects
• The time

• The student has to remember and review what he/she has learned last year• Share personal information
1st1• Has got... (affirmative, negative, questions)
• Short answers
• Possessive pronouns.

• The family
• My, your, his, her, our, their

• The student has to be able to talk and write about his/her family.• The student has to respect his/her partner´s family
2nd2• Present Simple (affirmative)
• Adverbs of frequency
• Habits and routines
• Always, never, usually, often, sometimes)

• The student has to be able to use the present simple tense in a correct way, talk about different habits and routines• The student has to learn how to share and enjoy different activities with his/her partners. 
2nd3• Present Simple (negative, questions)
• Short answers
• Object pronouns

• Likes and dislikes
• Clothes

• The student has to be able to describe what is sb wearing.The student has to be able to describe sb.and use the correct typ2e of the verb ´have´.• Respect different situations in life

3 rd

4• There is/ There are (affirmative, negative, questions)
• Questions and short answers

• Articles
• Rooms
• Furniture

• The student has to be able to describe a picture using the vocabulary given.• Accept differences.
3 rd5• How Much/ how many...• Countable and uncountable nouns
• A, an or some
• Food and drinks

• Student has to make polite requests and offers• Learn to be generous.

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