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Read the article about George Weekes and answer the questions.

George Weekes writes poems and books for all age groups, and sometimes reads his work on television.
“My parents moved to Manchester from Jamaica just before I was born, but east London has been my home for many years now. Tourists never come here. This part of the city has problems, but there are also many good things about it.
People of many nationalities live in this area, so there are shops with Jamaican bread, African vegetables, Chinese spices and lots of other interesting things. The shop my wife likes best is one that sells beautiful Indian dresses. The local bookshop is much more friendly than a big store and I’m always happy to talk to the customers about my books.
I’m 36 now but I don’t really like 36-year-olds. Once people become 30 they think about money too much and say that modern music is too noisy! Almost all my friends here are under 17. I love their language and their music. They give me ideas for my writing.
Sometimes I go for a run along the river. There are flowers and animals and even some cows there, so it’s like being in the country. I live and work in a city but inside I am still a country person.”

a) Circle A (Right), B (Wrong) or C (doesn’t say).

1. George was born in Manchester.
A Right              B Wrong               C Doesn’t say
2. George’s part of London is visited by lots of tourists.
A Right              B Wrong               C Doesn’t say
3. George’s wife is also a writer.
A Right              B Wrong               C Doesn’t say
4. George likes the bookshop because he can meet his readers there.
A Right              B Wrong               C Doesn’t say
5. Most of George’s friends read his books.
A Right              B Wrong               C Doesn’t say

b) Here are some answers from the text. Write the questions.

1. _____________________________________________________ ?
They came from Jamaica.
2. _____________________________________________________ ?
For many years.
3. _____________________________________________________ ?
They are under 17.
4. _____________________________________________________ ?
Because they give him ideas for his writing.
5. _____________________________________________________ ?
Along the river

II. Tanya didn’t go to school today because she is not feeling well. Her friend Alison phones her. Complete the telephone conversation.

A: What’s wrong Tanya?
T: I ______________(1.not feel) well. I (2.)_________ a toothache. I ______________________ (3.have) it for two days.
A: ___________________(4. you – be) to the dentist yet?
T: Not yet. But I __________(5.take) an aspirin 20 minutes ago. I hope I will feel __________ (6.good) later. __________________ ( – have) the test this morning?
A: No, we _________________ (8.not have) it because the teacher was absent. We _____________ (9. take) to the Lab and we saw a great video. And, guess what? The teacher (10.) _________________ us eat popcorn!
T: So, when ________________________ ( - have) the test?
A: On Friday. If I___________(12.finish) studying, I ___________ (13.visit) you at 5 o’clock and we can do the homework together.
T: Great! By the way, how is your brother?
A: He is fine, thank you. Are you planning to invite him out?
T: I’m not sure, I (14.) ____________ call him tomorrow. What ______________________ (15.he/ do) now?
A: Studying, as usual. You know he hates failing tests! And he says this final test will be _______________________ (16.difficult) of the year!
T: Do you think he would like to go out with _________________ (17.bad) student in the class?
A: Come on! You know that’s not true!!!!! You _____________________ ( a lot when you were in primary school, (19.) _______________ you?
T: You’ve just said it. That was a habit in the past. I ________________ (20. not study) that much nowadays!!!
A: But (21.)______________ you study, you will fail!!!
T: You’re right.

III. Complete the second sentence so that it means exactly the same as the first, using no more than three words.

1. They make BMW cars in Germany.
BMW cars ____________________ in Germany.
2. I won’t tell you my secret unless you help me with my homework.
I won’t tell you my secret if you ____________________ me with my homework.
3. It’s 4 o’clock. I last ate at 12 o’clock.
I have ____________________ 12 o’clock.
4. She intends to buy some food for supper after work.
She ____________________ buy some food for supper after work.
5. He’ll never get better if he doesn’t stop smoking.
He’ll never get better ____________________ smoking.
6. We don’t know what we’re doing tonight. Perhaps we’ll go to the cinema.
We don’t know what we’re doing tonight. We ____________________ to the cinema.
7. We have permission to use the library after 8 o’clock.
We are ____________________ the library after eight o’clock.
8. There are twenty guests and I only bought one kilo of icecream.
There ____________________ icecream for all the guests.
9. Country life is not as exciting as city life.
City life is ____________________ country life.

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